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June 19, 20, 21, 25, 26 & 27


TICKETS: 503.231.9581 | TICKETSWEST.COM: 503.224.8499


If you tell a lie bold and brash enough, with repetitive, tremendous force, there will be no one, not a soul left, who will doubt it. This deviant thinking is at the heart of the black comedy HAPPY TIMES, premiering soon at Imago Theatre. From the pen of Artistic Co-Director Carol Triffle, “Portland’s most prominent stage absurdist,” (Bob Hicks, Oregon ArtsWatch), HAPPY TIMES opens June 19 and plays through June 27, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30, with only one Sunday matinee, on June 21 at 2:00. Tickets are $10, $15, or $20, pay-what-you-can, and may be purchased at the door or online at TicketsWest, or by calling 503-224-8499 or calling Imago at 503-231-9581.

In HAPPY TIMES, three would-be, hubris-filled, unsuccessful, out-of-work writers meet yearly to plan, scheme and commit a horrendous act that turns bleak. Trudy (Stephanie Woods, To Fly Again, Leonard Cohen is Dead) is the bombastic leader who lures the charming, yet utterly naïve, guest of honor Corey (Matt Sunderland, Special K) to the group’s Thursday night play reading “To die or let live.” Corey is charmed by Trudy, Judy and Gladys, and is caught unaware as he begins his talk, and is completely blindsided by the danger beneath this “literary” cult. All the group’s members are so pleased to welcome the guest, like a black spider lures its prey, feeding him biscuits of almond and butter. Carol Triffle turns her absurdism to troublesome comedic shock juxtaposing uncomfortable suspense as if we are witnessing a stage play from Alfred Hitchcock or Quentin Tarantino. Hold on as the Triffle laughs turn your smile upside down and sideways and unsettle your beliefs on truth while unleashing your views on morality and mortality. The cast also includes Amy Katrina Bryan (Hotel Gone, To Fly Again) and Laura Loy (ZooZoo, Pimento and Pullman).

Past reviews of Triffle:

“ …A quiet comic renegade who makes a virtue of never connecting the dots … whimsical and outrageous … mundanity transforming like Kafka … into a new reality of darkly comic horror.” - Oregon ArtsWatch

“Inventive” - All Things Performing Arts

“A truckload of word and physical comedy … inside an amusement park … a word magician and sleight-of-hand director.” – Oregon ArtsWatch