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By Carol Triffle.

A RADIO PLAY! Co-produced by KBOO radio.

The streaming of Happy Times is on sale. Tickets are $10 which gives you access to the radio play from July 30 to Aug 6. To purchase a ticket click here.




Listen to an Artist on Artist interview with the show's creator Carrol Triffle along with Imago's Jerry Mouawad, and Kyle Delamarte with Drew Pisarra, writer of Imago's recent radio play, The Strange Case of Nick M.


For over a decade, Trudy, Judy, and Gladys have been meeting for an annual party…and a murder. The victim is an unwitting romantic interest duped into playing the butler at their soiree. The killers are a trio of middle-aged murderesses with a taste for hot tubs, spiked cocktails, and backyard burials. Plans this year, however, go wildly awry when the lethal ladies unexpectedly experience deeper feelings for their intended prey. What lies ahead? A honeymoon or a homicide? Not your typical reunion comedy by any stretch, the absurdist radio play Happy Times is a flashbacking farce for the ears. Playwright-director Carol Triffle pushes the medium to its limits by layering her Hitchcock-meets-slapstick story with Kyle Delamarter’s demented soundtrack which incorporates everything from ‘60s psychedelics, to a flatulent couch, to songs that make you want to sing along.  


Carol Triffle, Writing, Direction

Kyle Delamarter Composer, Sound Design, Mr Dell, Judge

Carol Triffle, Lyrics

Jon Farley, Sound Engineer, Baliff

Randy Bynum, Mister B

Danielle Vermette, Trudy

Matt Sunderland, Corey

Amy Katrina Bryan, Judy

Laura Loy, Gladys

Jerry Mouawad, Producer

Thanks to Katie Grieser,  Mona Huneidi, Myrrh Larsen


Imago Theatre and KBOO Community Radio are excited to announce the 2nd installment of a multi-production radio theater series for 2021. The last of the series – Satie's Journey an original music-theatre work, a collaboration between composer Marisa Wildeman and Jerry Mouawad--will be broadcast  on KBOO in the fall. Happy Times is made possible by a grant from The National Endowment for the Arts. Rated PG for language and adult content. 


About the director/writer:

Carol studied with Jacques Lecoq in 1997 after studying him for two previous years in 1986-1988. A member of the dance company The Company We Keep, she founded Imago Theatre in 1982 with Jerry Mouawad and began touring the United States with original mask theatre. In 1997 she wrote and directed Ginger's Green which marked the beginning of canon of original music-theater works that includes Ajax, Oh Lost Weekend, No Can Do, Missing Mona. In 2006 her music-theatre works changed form after influences from Richard Maxwell and often featured anti-clown heros played by Danielle Vermette and Anne Sorce and Mouawad in works titled Hit Me in The Stomach, Mix Up, The Dinner, Simple People, Backs Like ThatSplat, and Beaux Arts Club and Francesca, Isabella, Margarita on a Cloud, The Reunion.  She co-directed with Mouawad the spectacles for family audiences - FROGZ, ZooZoo and La Belle, Lost in the World of the Automaton. Her acting appearances in Mouawad's original plays include Dead End Ed, Samuel's Major Problems, Serial Killer Parents, Apis, Tick Tack Type, Stage Left LostZugzwang and Pimento & Pullman. She has staged worked for the Jefferson Dancers and the Oregon Symphony. Awards include Best Touring Production by the Independent Reviewers of New England, Oregon Arts Commission Fellowship, New York Dance Film Awards, Portland Theatre Awards for choreography, costume design, and best original play. Recent Productions include Fallout (writer/director), The Reunion (writer/director), and Pebble (writer/director).

Past reviews of Triffle:

“ …A quiet comic renegade who makes a virtue of never connecting the dots … whimsical and outrageous … mundanity transforming like Kafka … into a new reality of darkly comic horror.” - Oregon ArtsWatch

“Inventive” - All Things Performing Arts

“A truckload of word and physical comedy … inside an amusement park … a word magician and sleight-of-hand director.” – Oregon ArtsWatch











The streaming of Happy Times is on sale. Tickets are $10 which gives you access to the radio play from July 30 to Aug 6. To purchase a ticket click here.


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