17 SE 8th
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Saturday and Sunday Oct 17 & 18
At Imago Theatre, 17 SE 8th Avenue
1:30 to 5:00 each day

Tuition $150 total for both days.
Limited Attendance. For questions or to pre-register email Pratik at: pratikmotwani40@hotmail.com All workshop participants are expected to wear plain neutral clothes ( Preferably Black).


Taught by Pratik Motwani , company member and lead performer in Imago Theatre's FROGZ
How do we transform ourselves into that which we are not or that which is within us but is yet to be revealed?


When one puts on a mask one assumes the responsibility of bringing it to life by engaging in physical action. Not merely animating it but giving one's self up to that which it demands of us. Every mask ( that is well made) within its form contains the spirit of a character or an attitude or a state of being. The discovery then is the discovery of this spirit within us. We do this physically and not intellectually , not by thinking about it but by doing, by moving. We discover this spirit in the rhythm or lack of rhythm of movement, in full embodied engagement with gesture's which are different from our own personal rhythms and gestures. Rhythms and gestures that support the mask and fill it with intentionality in the here and now holding theatrical space and time, bringing it to life. Embodying the character therefore becomes a physical experience and not merely an intellectual proposal.

Day 1: The Language of the Body

The Present Body : Sense of Play, Reflex Action, Availability and Response to Stimuli

The Body in Space : Physical Self Awareness, States of Energy, Centers of gravity.
The Moving Body: Movement Study, Investigation of the nature of movement in Animals, Elements and Materials
Basics of Mask Performance: Work with Focus, Intention, States of tension, Isolation, Articulation, Opposition, Interruption, Discovery , The Sharing of the Discovery. 


Day 2: The Spirit Of The MASK

Embodying the character of the mask:
Larvel Masks
Animal Masks
Emotional Masks
Character Masks