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CAROL TRIFFLE | Artistic Co-Director, Founding Member

Carol completed a third year program with Jacques Lecoq in 1997 after studying him for two previous years in 1986-1988. A member of the dance company The Company We Keep, she founded Imago Theatre in 1979 with Jerry Mouawad and began touring the United States with original mask theatre. In 1997 she wrote and directed Ginger's Green which marked the beginning of canon of original music-theater works that includes Ajax, Oh Lost Weekend, No Can Do, Missing Mona. In 2006 her music-theatre works changed form after influences from Richard Maxwell and often featured anti-clown heros played by Danielle Vermette and Anne Sorce and Mouawad in works titled Hit Me in The Stomach, Mix Up, The Dinner, Simple People, Backs Like ThatSplat, and Beaux Arts Club and Francesca, Isabella, Margarita on a Cloud, The Reunion.  She co-directed with Mouawad the spectacles for family audiences - FROGZ, ZooZoo and La Belle, Lost in the World of the Automaton. Her acting appearances in Mouawad's original plays include Dead End Ed, Samuel's Major Problems, Serial Killer Parents, Apis, Tick Tack Type, Stage Left LostZugzwang and Pimento & Pullman. She has staged worked for the Jefferson Dancers and the Oregon Symphony. Awards include Best Touring Production by the Independent Reviewers of New England, Oregon Arts Commission Fellowship, New York Dance Film Awards, Portland Theatre Awards for choreography, costume design, and best original play. Recent Productions include Fallout (writer/director) and at Portland Opera The Match Girl Passion (performer.)



Contact Carol at: carol@imagotheatre.com



JERRY MOUAWAD | Artistic Co-Director, Founding Member
Jerry studied the teachings of Jacques Lecoq at the Hayes-Marshall School of Theatre Arts. After co-founding in 1979 with Carol Triffle Imago Theatre. He staged two works by Richard Foreman Samuel's Major Problems and Symphony of Rats. He has adapted magical realism literature for the stage incorporating multimedia, puppetry and stage illusion in Verdad (in collaboration with Triffle) and Half Light. Modern classic adaptations include Blood Wedding, The Imaginary Invalid, Exit the KingUncle Vanya. His adaptation of Sartre's No Exit on a moving stage played at American Repertory Theatre and Hartford Stage Company. He has staged work for BodyVox, The Portland Opera and The Oregon Symphony. The United States premiere of Caryl Churchill's A Number was directed by Jerry at Imago Theatre. His series of original silent works titled "Opera Beyond Words" include; Apis, or the Taste of Honey; The Cuban Missile Crisis; Tick Tack Type; Stage Left Lost and Zugzwang. Pinter productions include The Lover, The Caretaker and The Homecoming. Additional productions include Yukio Mishima’s The Black Lizard and The Lady Aoi Pimento & Pullman, Hughie, Savage/Love, Medea.  He co-directed with Carol Triffle FROGZ, ZooZoo and La Belle, Lost in the World of the Automaton. He has appeared as actor in Triffle's original works Ajax, Ginger's Green, Oh Lost Weekend, Missing Mona, The Dinner, Simple People, Backs Like ThatSplat and The Reunion. Awards include Oregon Arts Commission Fellowship, Portland Theater Guild Fellowship, Best Director by the Independent Reviewers of New England, the New York Dance Film Award, and Portland Theatre awards for acting, light design, choreography, and best original play. Recent productions include To Fly Again (writer/director) Title and sDeed (Director) and with Portland Opera The Difficulty of Crossing the Field and The Match Girl Passion.


Contact Jerry at: jerry@imagotheatre.com



Katie Griesar, resident composer
Jeff Forbes, resident light design




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