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For Imago Personnel and Guests:








Database Management and File Management and Show Management


1. Get Snail Mail List from ticket provider service after show closes.

2.  Email to Steve with one date field (1/1/2016) one show title “La Belle” and one classification “Adult”

4. Import the emails into icontact.

5. Put in Dropbox>Primary Data.

a. Snail Mails and Emails under>Per Show Emails and Snail

b. Show folders and photos>Show files.

6. Post on past productions page with Photos.

7. Back up the icontact emails  DropBox> Primary Data. 


Turn Around of Shows 


1. Create a graphic for the show

2. Import the graphic into their email signature

3. Change all phone messages to reflect upcoming show.

4. Set up show for sale.

5. Create online postings

6. Update flickr page.

7. Change phone messages. 

8.  --- #7 above 


After Each Tour

1.    Update Drop Box> Presenter Database


At Year End


1.    After financials are complete, file with 990 with IRS and Justice

2.    Triffle/Mouawad Inc update status

3.    Update all leases and check for insurance status of renters


Backup of Primary Data

1 .  Stored on Dropbox under Primary Data

       2. All drop box back up