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Please make a considerable contribution to Imago to insure we  stay solvent through these difficult times.  We anticipate losses of $120,000 to $200,000 next season due to lack of rental income and ticket sales.  Your contribution will go a long way to helping us balance our budget for the next year.



#1 Imago Theatre faces a perilous and uncertain future, and we are calling upon our generous donors to please make a contribution. As a result of the loss rental income, touring revenue and ticket sales, we anticipate $200,000 of lost revenue for next season.  Your contribution will go a long way toward helping us balance our budget so that we can continue to bring you the theatre you’ve come to expect – electrifying and fortifying – at a time when it is more crucial than ever to foster connection.


Or mail a check to: Imago Theatre, PO Box 15182, Portland, OR 97293


#2 Whether you can contribute thousands or a hundred or any amount, there’s another way to help!  Please write a letter or send an email to your state representative requesting that they provide financial relief to cover our facility expenses for a year, which total $95,000. (See below on how to help to make that happen.) As you are probably aware, many of the mid to large size theatres and individual artists in Portland have staged partial and full seasons at Imago Theatre. If we can survive this crisis, we anticipate their return; however, we must pull through these turbulent times to continue to serve you and to serve our peers in the arts. Your support of Imago will make a difference to the entire Portland performing arts community. 



Stay tuned for art projects that Imago is offering in the next season!


We need your help pretty much right away, to support our request for relief from the state of Oregon. We can't reopen yet, and we don't know exactly when we'll be able to, but TO GET THROUGH THIS, WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Won't you please write a letter or an email ?

It's easy and only takes a few minutes. Find out who your reps are here:

Then write them in which you tell them:
Independent venues, both for-profit and nonprofit, are essential to Oregon. People move here because of them. The economy thrives because of them. Culture and Community have a home because of them.

I ask you to please support allocation of Coronavirus Relief Funds to help venues survive this extended closure.

There are nearly a hundred venues with thousands of jobs in Oregon that are counting on this to save their livelihoods, and to make sure they continue to thrive and contribute massively to the overall economy and tourism in Oregon, once it's safe. Without your support, at least 90% of venues will not make it, and there will be a massive void left in the morale and economy.

There is no plan to reopen venues, which will be experiencing zero revenue for up to 12-18 months. No business can survive that type of closure without relief.

By making a donation to Imago Theatre you continue to bring unique, vibrant theatre to the Portland stage.

Donate TODAY

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